About Me


Dear Students,

"Upto 1991. India was virtually in the backyard of the developed world- hardly ever counted among the countries that can have a say in world affairs. (Development was slow and irregular. (But the liberalization process recognized that without making quality education conveniently available to the Indians targets of the progress cannot be fully achieved inspite of their intelligence and competence India's thirst for economic progress would also remain unquencified. so far. (Private institutes, therefore have enthusiastically come up to made up the time lost and Bring up our young talents to face the global demands, BSPBS has made a Beginning in this noble mission in 2005 with the first institute viz. the kindergarten School at N4, CIDCO Aurangabad this achievement is its own reward for us. We continue to make education available through the Best resources in teaching facilities enabling a rich lifestyle imbedded firmly in tradition and Indian values, and i am sure our commitment will see us waling triumphantly into the future too.

I wish all prospective, present and past students of BSPBS a very happy future. President Message. Welcome aboard."