About Vision Mission

Radhai Mahavidyalaya Vision

“To impart the quality education in science , Information Technology and Management science”.

Radhai Mahavidyalaya Mission

The mission of the college is to provide the gifted and diverse groups of students with a total educational experience of the highest quality.

The mission is anchored on the basic cornerstones: Excellence, Quality, Community and Services.

The objectives of the college are

  • To provide a holistic education and allow each student to realize his/her complete potential through academics and extra-curricular participation.
  • To encourage students to be global citizens with an awareness of environmental issues, global strife, women sensitization and human rights.
  • To encourage students to develop religious tolerance and respect, keeping in mind the Indian constitution of a secular India
  • To mentor students through continuous assessment.
  • To empower students to be good leaders and contribute towards the achievement of world harmony.
  • To enhance the Industry – Academic partnership.
  • To make students aware of the need to protect the environment and reduce carbonfootprints.